Anis Bahmed « Ethbet »

Almost half a million streams with his debut ambient piece ‘The last flakes‘, Anis Ahmed come back with ‘Ethbet‘.
A sensitive, unique and joyful track produced by Ô Lake & David Grumel. The artist confirms his elegance and deep sensibility.
Built around three pianos that intertwine, the warmed arrangements are full on emotions and delicacy.
With its notes of hope, ‘Ethbet‘ calls us for unity in front of the madness of the world. – Out 20/01/2023

Playlisted #1 in Piano Chill, #4 in Classical Edge, #5 in Piano Calm



David Grumel « Delta »

The piano ostinati of this new piece by David Grumel are hypnotizing. Sometimes calm, sometimes tumultuous, the artist sails on the waterways to the confluences of an imaginary delta. A place full of life where the waters flow into the sea. Little brooks make great rivers ? In a Max Richter vibes, David has tirelessly delivered a large and eclectic body of work for more than 31 years. A time that has been so dear to the artist. Little brooks make great rivers ?
The track gets 8 editorial playlists on Amazon Music, 8 editorial playlists on Spotify and more 240 other playlists – Out 09/12/2022




Ben Gardet « Fallin’ down »

An intimate soft folk song with a luminous and ethereal orchestration.
Ben Gardet gives us his new track « Fallin’ down » a tailor made and memorable topline, celestial vocal flights reminding us with some Sufjan Stevens reminiscence.
Sustained by warm arrangements highlighted with children’s choirs this single produced by David Grumel, speaks to us of resilience. Fallin’ down to better meet…